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What's Trending and What's Not Online dating, in the form its known today, has been around for 20 years.Through this period, it has evolved from an obscure and shameful instrument to a major part of the social landscape.To this end, photo services have come up, offering professional online dating profile photos.However, the photo is only the first point of attention for online daters. In line with people’s fast lifestyle, the best profiles are those that are succinct and yet thorough.The average person can easily find their way around an everyday website.

This ties in with the shift towards spending less time on the internet and quickly moving to real world interactions.

This increase in the time spent online has naturally been extended to cover dating as well.

Visual appeal is an important factor in human attraction whether off or online.

For online dating and chat rooms, this means you can browse potential partners and plan a date from anywhere, and anytime.

On top of that, people have become generally more web-savvy.

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Internet connectivity has become phenomenally convenient. Whereas people needed to be at home or at the office to connect to the net, it is now possible to access the internet over Wi-Fi networks as you move about.

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