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The other pulleys would supply power to pulleys on each individual machine or to subsequent line shafts.

In manufacturing where there were a large number of machines performing the same tasks, the design of the system was fairly regular and repeated.

A typical line shaft would be suspended from the ceiling of one area and would run the length of that area.

One pulley on the shaft would receive the power from a parent line shaft elsewhere in the building.

Flat belts on flat pulleys or drums were the most common method during the 19th and early 20th centuries.

The belts were generally tanned leather or cotton duck impregnated with rubber.

This method is extremely rare today, dating mostly from the 18th century.In other applications such as machine and wood shops where there was a variety of machines with different orientations and power requirements, the system would appear erratic and inconsistent with many different shafting directions and pulley sizes.Shafts were usually horizontal and overhead but occasionally were vertical and could be underground.The bearings were usually friction type and had to be kept lubricated.Pulley lubricator employees were required in order to ensure that the bearings did not freeze or malfunction.

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